Dee Why Lagoon

Dee Why Lagoon (Warringah) - Biglietti, foto e indirizzo

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What's that smell?
dic 2019
Depending on whether the lagoon has been opened up to the sea will determine how much you will or wont enjoy this experience.
Scritta in data 14 gennaio 2020
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Sydney, Australia61 contributi
Strolling along the lagoon
apr 2019 • Coppie
Strolling on the lagoon was so relaxing. It takes about 45 mins to walk along and return from the main beach. It’s also educational to know the different vegetation on the lagoon. Worth a visit in all seasons!
Scritta in data 14 aprile 2019
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Gill O
Ascot, UK565 contributi
Definitely off the beaten track!
mar 2019 • Famiglia
We walked down this walkway quite by chance. It's not too long but leads to the lagoon at the end. Quiet apart from some dog walkers. A nice off the beaten track stroll!
Scritta in data 13 marzo 2019
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Dee Why, Australia809 contributi
Dee Why from a different angle
feb 2019 • Coppie
I have lived on the northern beaches 46 years and in that time Dee Why has earned the reputation of being the most overdeveloped suburb, not helped by the chainsaw massacre of 2018 when our Council destroyed many beautiful trees on Oaks Ave with no justifiable reason. So I was really surprised when my lady virtually dragged me along to visit the Dee Why Lagoon, the path to which starts from the DY Surf Life Saving Club at the northern end of the Strand. Within a few metres you leave the restaurants and apartment buildings behind, and must push your way through the spinifex and other long grass with the lagoon on your left and a sand bank blocking your view of the beach on the right. To be sure, some idiots have done their best to trash the start of the path but they probably found the going uninviting so soon the lagoon seems pristine and you imagine there are creatures hidden in the scrub next to the pathway. Off in the distance you can see Pittwater Road but the caretakers seem to have made that side of the lagoon harder to access so maybe some wildlife has a better chance to survive, even breed. The path is 800 metres and about halfway there is an access to the beach from where you can see both Long Reef and as far back as the Dee Why Rock Pool next to the Strand. If you follow the main path it ends at the point on the beach where they open the lagoon to the ocean if required to release excess water. The lagoon itself is fed from a fresh water creek that runs through nearby Dee Why park so I assume the lagoon (unlike Narrabeen Lagoon) is fresh water. You can cross over here to Long Reef or return either along the beach or the way you came to Dee Why. It is a very pleasant place and I suggest an hour for it.
Scritta in data 14 febbraio 2019
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Sydney, Australia7’382 contributi
Lagoon next to the beach.
feb 2019 • Coppie
For the Dee Why Lagoon, I have to be grateful to TripAdvisor, since even if I'm living in the proximity of it a few years already, I never heard about it. Though I walked nearby several times, it is so well hidden by the surrounding bush, that I never noticed it. When TripAdvisor offered to write a review about it, I asked my friend Google, to learn a bit more about this lagoon. With the help of the Google aerial maps, it was easy to locate it. It is the smaller brother of Narrabeen Lagoon and the bigger of Curl-Curl Lagoon.
Toolijooa's Bushland Regeneration teams are taking care of the restoration and the indigenous vegetation communities.
At the Strand and Dee Why Parade corner is the Life-Saving Club, and in the front of it is a big parking area. Passing by this place comes an open grassy field, where people are pickniking, children playing, but on the left-hand side you can notice a glimpse of water and some trees. Turning to that direction, soon you can find the sign "Dee Why Lagoon wildlife refuge. Long Reef Headland 2km, Collaroy Beach 2,5 km. Underneath is the map, that you can't see, since some self-proclaimed artists, of course covered it with graffitis. After the sign starts the footpath. The first thing that I could see was a broken garden chair, that somebody left here for the wind to have a rest on it. Walking further was a group of trees leaning over the lagoon. Very romantic, except on the side of the water empty food containers were praising the human influence.As we continue to walk and move away from "civilisation", the environment is getting clearer, and the sight of the big calm water with the floating birds on it is pleasant and reassuring.
Later on we see piles, that sticking out of the water, and somebody explained them as tank traps. I think this is just a kind of urban legend, because it should have been a very desperate tank that would try to drive through the lagoon.
Soon, the path does not lead directly beside the lake, but rarer and thicker thicket will accompanies us on our way. Sometimes I believe a rustle of tiny feet is audible from the bush, but maybe, only the wind plays with the foliages. Time to time we met desperate fishers, with a lot of fishing rod, but no catch at all. After a long cross footpath comes with deep sand. In between rails, it leads to the ocean. We turned back and continued our walk on the lakeside. At the end of the lagoon, the mouth of it isn't open now, sand dunes are closing it. Young mothers with small children are enjoying the shallow, warm water, and sometimes a hoping pelicans checking on them, that maybe they have something for him as well.If your aim is that part of the Lagoon, turn from Pittwater Road towards the Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club. From there, just a short stroll away the Lagoon.
My visit was on a very warm sleepy afternoon. Next time I'd like to go once in early morning, and another trip at late evening, since I have seen stunning photos of the sunset above the lake.
Now I feel a bit guilty to write about this charming little island of the nature, since the more people know about it, the more people will visit it, and I don't know, how much more pollution can the this fragile environment takes. On the halfway, we found a pram, and walking back, my partner pulled out a shopping trolley from the scrubs, and carried it out from the wildlife refuge.
My best wishes to this beauty, that is there probably at least long centuries, maybe millenniums ago. Hopefully our grandchildren also will enjoy it.
Scritta in data 10 febbraio 2019
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