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Anchor Motel & Suites

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È solo circa il lavoro ma per il prezzo che è vecchio e decrepito. Tutto l'arredamento in camera è malassortiti, il letto è molto soffici materassi nuovi e sono necessari. I tappi del lavandino si potrebbe trovare non adatta e l'AC è mal posizionata e vecchio. Sul lato
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Risposta da Murray S, Owner presso Anchor Motel & Suites
Risposta inviata il 13 lug 2017
One has to appreciate that some travelers must have their say; however some corrections are in order. Firstly, except for pedestals to hold the fridge and microwave all of our furniture was built by craftsmen in Summerside. Secondly, by industry standards our mattresses are nearly new having been purchased within the last five years in New Brunswick from the manufacturer. We use in the window AC units for two months of the year and it just is not worth building these in or changing the system altogether. We serve tourists for a few months each year and most of them are very satisfied; we do realize however that we are never going to satisfy everyone. I will tell Michelle that she was regarded as charming-she'll get a kick out of hearing that!
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Prima di tutto, lasciatemi dire che ho soggiornato presso l'Anchor Motel per 2 mesi durante la ricerca per la mia casa per sempre sullo splendido PEI. Non so dove la gente che ha pubblicato le due recensioni precedenti hanno alloggiato precedentemente nei loro viaggi ma sono
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Risposta da Murray S, Owner presso Anchor Motel & Suites
Risposta inviata il 7 lug 2017
Thank you for this. A glowing review helps balance the scale to be sure.
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Bisogno di un mese a lungo luogo di soggiorno ma quando siamo arrivati ci hanno detto che avremmo dovuto dare 1 / 2 mese danni deposito - no per una mth. soggiorno? Dopo aver dato un deposito $ 575, ha ancora ha voluto il nostro M/C, non so perché e ci hanno detto che ci sarebbe
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Risposta da Murray S, Owner presso Anchor Motel & Suites
Risposta inviata il 21 giu 2017
A very interesting response from "terrible". This is an older couple who probably haven't rented anything in the last 30 years. Firstly, they did not understand the concept of a refundable deposit. Secondly, they did not want to use a credit card to guarantee their stay ( I Know of NO hotel that will not ask for a credit card even if there has been a prepayment). The concept was "foreign" to these nice folks. Thirdly, they were told that we charge a flat $25.00 for EVERYONE staying weekly or monthly. A room is never left clean enough for the next guest and this allows our staff to go in and take care of things overlooked by the guest (ovens are hardly ever cleaned properly). We also charge a flat fee for pets (they didn't have one). This is clearly stated in out Extended Stay one page contract-it isn't buried in the fine print (there isn't any). Fourthly, after ruminating on this overnight they came in the following morning and asked to be charged for one night, which I obliged them. Our base rate for one person nightly was $59 in one double bed; they chose a two full bed unit with a full kitchen and were charged the appropriate rate($79). I guess one has to chalk this up to experience-you just can't satisfy everyone. These people returned to another motel and paid full nightly rates for a unit without a kitchen for another week-not sure if this was a very reasoned move; but I do hope they are successful in finding a house on the Island
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Io viaggio ogni mese per lavoro e questo è di gran lunga il posto peggiore in cui sia mai stato. In effetti ho scaricato questo app solo dire alle persone come la mia esperienza è stata male. Prima di tutto si dice che è un 200 $ a settimana tasso, che è prima che prenda il
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Risposta da Murray S, Owner presso Anchor Motel & Suites
Risposta inviata il 6 mag 2017
There are reasonable guests and there are unreasonable ones. Clearly this fellow falls into the latter category. Everything we charge for is laid out at the beginning of the stay(and a guest signs a document confirming the details). Because we are an apartmentmotel in the off season we treat weekly and monthly rentals as apartments (therefore, like an apartment there are no services that you would ordinarily get with a nightly hotel rental). We collect a security deposit (regulated by the Province) for weekly and monthly rentals and from this we deduct a flat $25.00 for cleaning (ovens are almost never cleaned properly etc.). Our rates fluctuate with demand of course and are subject to change. While this person might have rented for $200 per week on one stay if they return they could be paying $225. We charge $50 for an additional person and this is clearly stated again on check in (an extra person staying for a week or month uses additional energy in showers, cooking etc.). This also helps control the number of people likely to occupy the room thus preserving the peace and quiet enjoyment of neighboring guests. For weekly and monthly guests we do not provide towels or other services; but they are available on a fee for service basis. We have a clearly marked waste and recycle area which we expect guests to make use of. With regard to cleanliness of the rooms each unit is thoroughly cleaned prior to EVERY new occupant. Our beds and bedding are nearly new and replaced often....many of the other comments from this individual are too preposterous to comment on...except one can wish that this person will take his/her business elsewhere. As the maxim goes "you cannot please everyone" especially someone as "complicated" as this person appears to be.
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Io e mio marito erano avendo un momento difficile trovare un posto per soggiornare vicino Charlottetown così ho deciso di provare le località più lontano vicino a Summerside e ad essermi imbattuto in questo piccolo gioiello di un posto per 2 notti. Murray ha risposto al telefono
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Risposta da Murray S, Owner presso Anchor Motel & Suites
Risposta inviata il 20 ago 2016
I shall be sure to pass these accolades along to my wife (who oversees housekeeping) and also to Annie, Irene and Debbie who do all the real work in keeping the rooms clean. I will also include Michele who keeps the breakfast rolling in the morning. My heart felt thanks Rosalie.
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Two beds; a bit soft
Exterior of room
Bathroom shot; small and crowded
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Another King size room for your comfort.
Foto offerta dalla direzione Anchor Motel & Suites
An excellent doubles (full size) bedroom
What is the address?
1963 rte 1a central Bedeqpe P E I C0B1G0 902-887-2255. Hope this helps It is close to Summerside
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USD 73 - USD 97 (in base alle tariffe medie di una camera standard)
CanadaIsola del Principe EdoardoBedeque
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