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In Persepolis - Foto di Cheetah Adventures, Teheran

Foto di : In Persepolis

Dalla recensione : Ascent to Damavand and Iran culture trip di Cheetah Adventures
In Persepolis
Fahadan Neighborhood, photo is taken by one of our Iranian Cultural Tour guides on a rooftop just before sunset.
Walking around Amir Chakhmaq square and Jameh mosque of Yazd you reach Fahadan neighborhood, the oldest neighborhood of Yazd. The narrow alleyways of this stunning neighborhood take you back to the old times.
The winged horse, Gate of All Nations or Gate of Xerxes. The ruins of Persepolis located near Shiraz are the remains of the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid dynasty. Originally called Parseh meaning city of Pars tribe, this city is the dazzling emblem of the grandeur and beauty of the Achaemenid Empire.
Pink mosque or Nasir ol Molk mosque is known of its lavish tile work with pink being the main color and the stunning colorful windows of the praying hall. This magnificent mosque is the only mosque in Iran in which pink is used as the main color in the tiles and has one of the most significant Muqranas work among the mosques. The best time to visit Nasir ol Molk mosque is in the morning when the sun shines through the colorful windows and creates a dazzling view.
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Sheikh Lotfollah mosque is one of the most beautiful and unique mosques in Iran. The stunning tile work and the lights inside evoke every traveler’s sense of admiration. No mistakes have been found in the architecture of this mosque to this day. It is located in Naqsh-e Jahan, the most famous landmark of Isfahan.
Abyaneh Village, Kashan, Isfahan Province.
Abyneh is famous for its unique structure and red clay houses.
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