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Coffee & Chill In Our Terrace - Foto di Lacosta Restaurant & Terrace, Aqaba

Foto di : Coffee & Chill In Our Terrace

Coffee & Chill In Our Terrace
We bring a sense of elegance to the table! Ready to celebrate the weekend with you 🍁

اليوم ع البوفيه او كل يوم ما في اروع من مطعم و ترس لاكوستا

Is your family tired of arguing over where to have dinner? Come to Lacosta resturant and terrace. Our large buffet provides plenty of options for everyone. You don't have to decide between your favorite food and your kids' favorite foods. Thanks to our wide variety of options, you can both leave happy.
You'll find plenty of different cuisines at our buffet spatially seafood. Try something new or stick with an old favorite.
Steak Sandwich Or Fried Calamari Which One Do You Choose ?
ستيك ساندويس او كلماري مقلي ايش اختيارك ؟
اطباق مميزة مهما كانت بسيطة فقط في لاكوستا

Never an ordinary pasta dish, we got our Lacosta stamp of creativity and deliciousness on everything we do!

0770400895 - 0770400864

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