Why Was My Forum Post Removed?

A forum post may have been flagged for deletion by either our staff or the Tripadvisor community because it contained illegal content or otherwise violated TripAdvisor's Community Standards & Guidelines. We reserve the right to remove any post, topic, or forum on Tripadvisor for any reason.

If a topic is inappropriately placed, we may move it to a different forum where it is better suited.

Our team of moderators will assess all reports of violations and make any changes deemed necessary. If one of your posts is removed, you will be notified.

For EU residents, you will have the ability to appeal through our internal complaints procedure should you disagree with our decision. To review your options for doing so, click here.

While we appreciate your reports of innapropriate content in the forums, we ask that you only report content that violates our guidelines. If we determine that a member is abusing this reporting function by repeatedly alerting us to content that contains no guideline violations, we may opt to ignore reports from that member.